Our Projects

Open network infrastructure for Internet of Things in western Slovenia

XIRIS Institute is actively engaged in building and supporting LoRaWAN networks

Groundwater level measuring

Measuring level of groundwater in real time and results archiving to find out how groundwater level changes through time

Smart Vineyards

We have developed and deployed solution for smart vineyards to support using less pesticides and herbicides.

GeoNOG2019, GeoIGF 2019 and ISOC CN Summit in Georgia

Active participation on conferences in Georgia

Global Intelligent Industry Conference 2019

Spreading LoRaWAN knowledge in China

Heat Pump Control

Tailor-made solution for control over whole heating system. Have you ever wanted to know, your heat pump offering you what they promised you at the time of installation?

Particle matter measuring

Comprehensive solution over the measuring the particulate matters of different sizes in the air at any place

Conservation of Buildings and Cultural Heritage

Our solution providing exact information about humidity and environmental conditions of museum exhibit as well as other heritage

Cold Chain Management

Solution for measuring, alarming, displaying and archiving all the important parameters in cold chain management

Environmental and indoor measuring

Measuring parameters and calculating air quality index is essential to know what we are breathing and in case of polluted air why we feel bad. Beside particulate matters we are measuring, we measure CO2 and other VOC which has harmful effects on our health.

Anti legionella system

Fight against legionella disease is serious and resource-hungry repetitive task. Costs are usually expressed in litres of wasted water and wasted working hours.  But we implemented innovative solution to lower all those valuable resources as well as keeping all the officially required and approved records.