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About Us

Once upon a time there was Marconi. Back in time we learned how to compress our messages into dots and dashes. How to present a picture to the other side with Morse code. We found out our passion to communicate over long distances with minimum resources. We kept our passion alive through years, but we have changed the way of speaking our efficient long-distance language. Low Power Wide Area Networks are our main tool in researching, developing and deploying Internet of Things to make it friendly to users. We founded XIRIS Institute to convert our passion to create a better tomorrow for everyone.

XIRIS Institute is a non-profit organisation for research, development and deployment of new technologies in the Internet of Things and communications area. Founders of the Institute come from communication, IT, measurement as well as economic area. They are combining all of their knowledge and experiences to support multidisciplinary projects. XIRIS Institute founders are the founder of the first official The Things Network Community in the Balkan peninsula area. They are pioneers of using LoRaWAN communications in Slovenia. They are supporting and spreading their knowledge and practices to schools, universities, agriculture and industry.

XIRIS Institute is engaging particularly in different areas, such as viticulture, (iRebula project), air quality and pollution measurement, water pollution measurement, Cold Chains Management, PAX control, and deployment technologies to support smart villages and cities. The Institute is widely open to spreading knowledge to any area where Internet of Things, based on efficient communication, could improve the quality of life for everybody.


Innovation culture, supported by ambitious experimentation to protect, preserve and improve fundamental natural and social values with the goal to have a better today and tomorrow for all of us.


Using innovative technologies we create a better living environment.


By cooperation, knowledge aggregation and experiences of people from different areas new technologies that help people and protect the environment, will be adopted.

We can cooperate on different ways. The highest level of cooperation is entering into co-founders circle. But for those, who want to share knowledge and not founders rights as well as obligations and duties, there is other ways to co-create attractive and interesting future.


XIRIS Institute

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