Conservation of Buildings and Cultural Heritage

With matured technologies, it was difficult for museums and other galleries to offer real-time monitoring of art exhibits’ environments due to extensive wiring needs and Wi-Fi’s inability to cover large areas with consistent connectivity. By leveraging LoRaWAN, we creating a wireless IoT solution able to handle the challenges of this unique market. Our smart conservation solutions consist of LoRa-enabled IoT sensors, a LoRaWAN-based gateway and a Cloud-based data monitoring system. Museums and collections deploy sensors to measure common factors affecting art health, such as humidity, temperature, light, and vibration. The sensors report accurate real-time data at consistent intervals and offer battery lifetimes up to 10 years. Following deployment of our LoRa-based solution, most museums and collections can save thousands of euros per year as well as preserve cultural heritage in optimum condition.

Many museums and art collections are housed in historic buildings that present a difficult environment for common wireless technologies due to heavy use of concrete and steel. So far, established solutions was difficult and expensive to deploy because of its limitations.

We are providing measuring of all the necessary parameters in any single point of the museum without single cable for years without any intervention on measuring place. We are measuring temperature, humidity, pressure, acceleration and some other parameters, no matter if this is of art picture, old book, room or even the wall.

Microclimate in museum
Measuring climatic environment in Museum
Stone wall dew point
Measuring dew point in stone wall
wet wall
Measuring dew point in stone wall
humidity measuring plan
Building measuring plan