We are creating solutions for problems that were difficult to solve or unsolvable yesterday, and which, with the help of the Internet of Things, are opening the door to a world we have never known before. Real-time data is transmitted over long distances, from extremely large number of autonomous sensors.

Every solutions we are providing, is supported by:

Basic kits

LoRaWAN gateway

Communication infrastructure

We design, plan, build, expand and maintain low-range low-energy communications infrastructure (LPWAN) (LoRaWAN).

Inovative solutions

Innovative process automation

We automate, conceptualize, simplify and enable common and unusual processes. We are also introducing process control where, due to various restrictions, it has not been possible to do so so far or it has not made rational sense.

Measurements and control of environmental parameters

We measure, analyze, store and visualize the measured environmental parameters from the microclimate, accross CO2 and TVOC concentrations all the way to the measurements of the degree of photosynthesis and the concentration of PMx pollution.

Implementing solutions for smart cities and communities

We are designing solutions for smart cities that offer residents better living conditions, more economical and easier management for managers, and new modern urban and rural environments for planners, supported by the latest technologies.